Happy clients testimonials

Receiving coaching for strategic planning takes time and is a journey that is filled with much learning, challenges and decisions.

As a business and business owner, you evolve with the coaching over time, a little like transitioning from primary school to high school.

This is not something you can do on your own and coaching helps to provide an easier route with support, something every business and business owner would find beneficial.

Rebecca Stenbeck
Director - The Herbalist

I have enjoyed working with Debra immensely over the last year as she has guided and advised me on moving my business forward. At  times I was definitely out of my comfort zone, being challenged to think and act differently but with Debra’s practical, knowledgeable  and approachable manner I  always felt accepted and supported. Debra grasped quickly my core business to understand what was required to become more successful.


My  biggest learning throughout this process has been goal setting. Learning to be patient, organising my thoughts  and looking at the bigger picture of how to market and grow my business. Debra’s wide business knowledge and experience as well as her  logical approach has guided me to set up a sustainable and practical plan of action.


Integrating  Xero and PayPal into my  new website has fundamentally changed the way I work. Debra has advised and guided me through this process to make sales easy for the customer and more streamlined for me thereby allowing me to concentrate more on marketing and selling my product rather than wasting time in the office. Now I have  a professional looking site, easy to use and fully functional.

Mary O'Brien
Owner - PracticeSmartDiaries

We believed in our business and knew we were onto a great thing but we just didn’t quite know how to fit it all together. We started working with Debra about a year and a half ago and looking back we are amazed at all the positive changes we have made.  We have increased our cash-flow and we are seeing a lot more consistency with our clients due to follow-up processes that we developed & have put in place.  Meeting with Debra once a month really gives us focus  and helps us “husband and wife team” get positive external input.   With Debra’s help we have fought a big legal case and her advice and support was what got us through most of it.  I don’t see us having made it or even had the “guts” to challenge things the way we did without her. Now our business is growing, we have rekindled our passion and we are doing the things that we love.

Thanks Debra your input in our business is priceless and we really enjoy working with you.

101 Fitness Melissa and Jay | Business Coaching | Ventell
Melissa-Anne Smit
Owner - 101 Fitness

“My son Daniel and I would not have had the confidence to do this monumental change if it hadn’t been for our Icehouse mentor Debra Chantry who has met with us every two weeks and gently pushed us to meet our own deadlines which we would have stretched had it been up to us.

She also encouraged us to take some risks. But most importantly she was there to listen when we said: “This is all too much, it’s doing our head in! ”Because the thing about changing your business for the better is that a) it is hard relentless work and b) it is just plain scary.

So Debra’s role expanded ever so subtly from giver of information, common sense and advice, to supportive social worker, giving me and Daniel much needed hugs and pats on the back when we were lacking confidence.

We look forward to our fortnightly meetings with Debra because she can help us see ourselves from the outside when we are so involved with the inside day to day workings. We’re not business analysts and have tended to organically grow from one crisis to the other. Now we have data to analyse and can see trends and good news on the horizon.”

Wendyl Nissen | Business Coaching | The Icehouse
Wendyl Nissen
Owner / Director - Wendyl's

Just want to thank you for today, it was a fantastic session and a great start to Kellands future, I am so delighted to have you on board to really make a difference to Kellands.

Thank you, your knowledge and wisdom, it should be bottled!

Nicola Kelland - Business Coaching | Business Strategy | Business Plan | Maketing Strategy | Marketing Plan
Nicola Kelland
Managing Drirector - Kellands Real Estate Ltd.

Within the first few meetings, Debra helped us to articulate our value proposition, identify the appropriate metrics and empower us to work as a cohesive team.

We accomplished in 6 months what we were not able to accomplish in 4 years. This was ALL attributable to Debra’s management style and leadership.

RealStew is now poised for a global roll out including talk of a listing of one of its divisions on the AIM board of the London Stock Exchange.

Paddy Delaney
Director - Real Stew

When we first met Debra we were at the very early stages of our business, just a crazy idea, but Debra believed in us from the start, made us stick to much needed deadlines, encouraged us, got us to think outside of the box, to do the ground work and research which we still refer back to today.

Debra came across as someone who was not only very knowledgeable and professional but approachable and someone you could trust. She has been with us every step of the way.

Jane Bogust - Business Coaching | Start-up Coaching | Entrepreneur Business Coaching
Jane Bogust
Director - Rest in Pets

This has been an incredibly difficult project to work on and my appreciation goes out to Susan for the professionalism she has shown and the significant work she has achieved to date.

Susan managed the successful launch of AT HOP on trains and ferries last year, we have a solid marketing plan for the bus roll-out and the first bus operator programme delivered and launched.  Thank you Susan.

Rob Pitney - Marketing Stratyegy | Marketing Planning | Marketing Plans
Rob Pitney
Manager - Marketing - Auckland Transport

Working with Debra has had an invaluable positive effect on our business, and on us personally as business owners.

We love Debra’s honest, straight talking approach and her ability to clearly target the areas of our business that require focus.

Her sound advice and guidance continue to provide us with the tools and confidence to grow our business, and have delivered tangible business results.

Heart Saver - Business Coaching | Business Planning | Advisory Board
Mike & Helen Mander
Owner / Directors - Heart Saver

Susan this is certainly the work of a pro! When I was with companies like Coca-Cola, 3M and Caltex, this is the type of marketing we saw.

I feel a new breath of life seeing this level of marketing prowess in Ariba. Lucky we have you!

Charlie | Marketing Strtagy & Marketing Planning | Ventell
Charlie Villesanor
Director Sales - Sourcing and Procurement Division - Ariba