Monthly Archives: April 2014

SEO – Ventell holds the number 1 Google spot for ‘Business Coach’

  Today, whilst browsing in Incognito Mode, I noticed that we are number 1 in Google for the keyword search term ‘Business Coach’ – ahead of all the other Business Coaching organisations in New Zealand. Now we just need to work on our other key search terms such as Business Coaching, Business Mentoring and Marketing […]

A life saving business…

From Stuff – 19/04/14 – An article about one of our clients – Heart Saver – “Working with our super business coach Debra Chantry has been instrumental in helping us fill the knowledge gaps and target the areas of our business that require focus.”   Defibrillator supplier Heart Saver launched on April Fools day but […]

Mentor (Business Coach) wants to help NZ businesses grow!

Read the full NZ Business article in pdf format NZ Business Magazine – March 2011 “Business mentor Debra Chantry talks to Ray Schofield about her love for helping businesses and some of the common issues faced by her clients.” I had been aware of Business Mentors New Zealand for quite some time, having read about them and seen the TV ads. […]

Why we need women & diversity on boards

Why we need women & diversity on boards… Confidence is one reason there are not as many women as men on boards, says Debra Chantry, an aspiring board member currently studying to become an accredited director… Click on the link below to read the full article scanned from the Management Magazine… or read the plain […]

Advisory boards can benefit small companies

Small or medium-sized companies in New Zealand should consider creating an advisory board. Advisory boards provide non- binding strategic advice to organisations, unlike the board of directors appointed under the Companies Act. They are informal in nature and therefore have greater flexibility in how they are set up and managed. They can be created to […]