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13 ways to make your customers’ day

From handwritten notes to just-baked cookies, a simple gesture can go a long way toward shoring up customer loyalty in a competitive marketplace. Even just a quick phone call can do more to earn your customers’ long-term trust than any coupon or discount code—really. To find out which methods have been most effective for my […]

Developing a keyword strategy

Read this article to learn how to construct your first list of keywords and to get pointers on the overall keywords strategy. How to come up an initial list of keywords When you first start brainstorming keywords, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Your keywords strategy will evolve over time as you […]

Personas 101

Personas 101 – A Quick Guide to developing marketing personas Most marketing experts will tell you that in order to be able to optimize your inbound channels for your target audience, you should dedicate sufficient time and resources to creating personas. A persona, in its simplest form, is a fictitious character that embodies a segment […]

The ultimate F-word: Why failure can be good

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Written by Amy Hamilton-Chadick for Westpac Red News. Read the original article here. Failure: For business owners, it’s the ultimate F-word. We don’t like to say it, or think about it. But failure is now being recognised as a force for transformation and reinvention. While it’s not something to aim for, failure is an inevitable […]