The importance of googling yourself

Google Debra Chantry - Business Coach | Leadership Coach | Keynote Speaker | Workshop Facilitator

Today, I was trying to work out how a potential client had contacted us to do a workshop / speaker event for them. I tried googling all sorts of key terms to see what caGoogle Debra Chantry - Business Coach | Leadership Coach | Keynote Speaker | Workshop Facilitatorme up… Still can’t work it out, but very grateful that they did find me & really looking forward to working with them.


Whilst I was googling, I decided I hadn’t googled myself for a while & should take a minute to see what came up. No big surprises – All of the usual stuff that I expect – several pages of articles about me, Business Coaching, Woman of the Year, Cars etc. – nothing too exciting & also nothing to get nervous about 🙂


However I was reminded that google has an alerts service for your name & I hadn’t received any alerts for a while, yet I’m sure I’ve been published a few times.


I went to my google alerts account ( & checked to make sure everything was set up properly… And it was there that I found that one of the settings had changed and so I wasn’t getting ALL alerts.


I turned it on & these popped up – 2 blog articles that I have never seen before:


Debra Chantry - Woman of the Year Awards - 2013 - Business Coach | Leadership Coach | Keynote Speaker | Workshop FacilitatorAn article on the Woman of the Year awards from 2013, where I was a finalist in the Business section for the Business Coaching, Mentoring & Charity work that I do… It was fun to look back on that night. 

Rest in Pets | Stoppress | Business Coach - Debra ChantryAnd then an article in Stoppress from one of my original start-up clients at The Icehouse. Interesting that this business has now broken into the UK & is up for sale (If anyone is interested then contact me directly):


These alerts reminded me how important it is to not only google yourself regularly, but also have a google news alert set up so that it can pick up any new articles or blog posts.


Alerts are a great way to automate the searching process & you can choose to receive these as they are published online.


Normally these will be positive things… but what if they’re not? Or what if your personal details pop up & you don’t want those made public (This happened to me a few years ago – my address & telephone number on a CV and a spa bath photo from Facebook that I had inadvertently made public)?


There are a few options. Firstly, find the original source:


  • If you are the owner then you can make the changes. (This solved my spa bath & CV issue for me!)
  • If you’re not the original owner & it meets the criteria, then you can contact google who can help you to remove the information – here is how they work –
  • And if it doesn’t fit into the criteria for google to remove it, then seek help from a professional online reputation management specialist.


And finally, you want to see what order the articles on google come up in. Are they reflecting what you want to reflect online? If not, then you’ll need to start looking at online reputation management to take control of this.. Don’t underestimate how many people google you … And this will be their first impression… Is it one you love?


BONUS TIP: Don’t forget any other names you might have – nicknames, married names, maiden name etc.



Love being a Business Coach?

We are expanding & looking for people to join our team…  
  • Love being a business coach?
  • Not earning what you are worth?
  • Fed up with the stresses that come with running a business?
  We are looking for dynamic coaches to come and work with the Ventell brand, using the Evolved Leadership philosophy.  Evolved Leadership is the first global leadership service provider specialising in sustainable awareness based transformation, personally and professionally.   Ventell is a leading entrepreneurial business coaching, marketing & governance agency.   At Ventell we use this Evolved Leadership philosophy to work with startup & established entrepreneurial businesses. We believe an holistic approach to coaching is essential to gain sustainable results in any organisation… And that’s what makes our coaching unique.   We help entrepreneurs to:  
  • Earn what they want to be earning
  • Become fulfilled in all areas of their life
  • Overcome feeling stressed out & overwhelmed
  • Stop fighting fires & start working on the business
  • Spend more time with their family & friends
  • Have extraordinary relationships with everyone in their life
  • Live their passion & fulfill on the legacy of why they are here
  • Ultimately achieve the original intention of why they went into business in the first place!
  Ventell will provide you with the following:  
  • Tried & proven coaching methodology / programme to enable clients to meet their professional & personal goals
  • Office Space & Meeting Rooms in an world-class community workspace in the Inner City, close to all motorways
  • A recognised & active brand & all the branded support material that you need
  • Marketing & leads to generate clients
  • Software to run the client side of the business & make your life easy
  • Accounting & Administration support (real people in a real space with you)
  • Access to a Master Coach who will be available to help you with clients & programmes & coach you towards being the best coach you can be
  • Peer review supervision of your coaching to assist you to grow in your proficient as a coach
  • Ongoing Coach Training to upskill / uplevel sustainably
  You’ll be part of a great team that is rapidly expanding & are passionate about changing the entrepreneurial space in New Zealand & Australia.   This opportunity is by application only.  To find out more about this opportunity please call Brigitte now (09 308 6297) to book in for a 1 hour exploratory session with our Principal, Debra Chantry.   Applications close Friday 17th June 2016.  

Keynote Speech at REINZ Conference 2015 – How to use Social Media to have customers coming to you rather than the competition

How to use Social Media to have customers coming to you rather than the competition

Which social media should I use to increase my sales & how?

Debra Chantry, our Principal gave the following presentation to approx. 300 Residential Real Estate Agents at the REINZ National Conference 2015.

This is a link to the full presentation, with notes on each of the pages.

Social Media 


Ventell needs a superstar

Client Relations | Operations

  • Great role with plenty variety and client contact
  • Fast-paced environment, friendly team and fabulous office environment in Parnell
  • 30 hours per week worked over 5 days (with possibility to increase if desirable)
  Ventell Consulting is a business growth consultancy, which assists clients in growing their businesses profitability. Our work involves business coaching, marketing strategy and implementation, social media marketing and branding. We develop trusted relationships with our clients and genuinely feel that we are an integral part of their teams.   The business is growing and the Principal/Business Coach needs a competent administrator and client support to assist with the day to day running of the business and to liaise with our team and clients.  

Who we’re looking for

Ideally you’ll have a background as an administrator, PA or office/practice manager with some knowledge of marketing communications. You’ll have excellent communications and organisational skills with a strong attention to detail and the ability to multi-task.   You’ll have a great knack of following up on tasks and gently pushing everyone along in order to get things delivered on time. Happy to take on whatever is required at the time and not afraid to improve processes along the way, you’ll enjoy the variety and challenge this role offers.  

What you can expect in a day’s work

The role has two key elements- administration and marketing support. Here are some of the tasks you might complete in a typical day.  
  • Proposal writing from Principal’s notes
  • Sending out client letters
  • Loading jobs and preparing invoices from Workflowmax
  • Setting up meetings with clients
  • Monthly invoicing using Xero
  • Setting up and sending e-newletters using Mailchimp
  • Website reports for clients
  • Maintaining the Ventell website, updating content and posts on relevant social media sites
  • Project managing the team to get their WIP updates and blog articles in on time


BrandZ is Millward Brown‘s brand equity database. It holds data from over 650,000 consumers and professionals across 31 countries, comparing over 23,000 brands.The database is used to estimate brand valuations, and each year since 2006, has been used to generate a list of the top 100 global brands. You can get the full 2015 report here. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about increasing the value of your brand we recommend that you attend our seminar in September. In today’s world where product differentiation is often short-lived, building loyal relationships and maintaining a premium are the result of creating a brand with real value.  In one day or one session increase your knowledge of how successful businesses build valuable brands. Check it out.

Nourish your Brand

When Ventell started working on Be Nourished’s brand, they helped the Be Nourished go from making a loss to making a profit in less than 18 months. You have a brand when your brand contributes to cashflow. That’s why a brand isn’t just a logo and name, although that’s a good place to start. A brand is every single way your products and your company interact with people. For example, a brand is where your product gets sold, which is why you won’t find Clarins at the Warehouse. So when Be Nourished was approached by Farro to put their product into their store, it was the perfect opportunity. It’s not just increased sales through extra distribution, it’s the context in which your brand appears. new_be_nourished Did you know that your average shopper in a supermarket spends less about 30 seconds to review an entire category. A supermarket has about 50,000 items on sales. The impression your brand has at point of sale (POS) is critical. Some brands like Hubbards (muesli) have built themselves entirely on the supermarket shelf. To become attractive at POS, we needed to modernize Be Nourished. A brand is its price. It’s not just about having a margin that sustains your business, it’s about communicating quality. Stella Artoi’s “reassuringly expensive” says it all. Needless to say we needed to lift the price. A brand is everywhere you communicate with your customer. It’s not just your ads, but what your brochures and posters look like. It was at the Food Show that we really started to tell the Be Nourished story. We used the imagery of a heart and the line “It’s love from your taste buds to all the way inside” to communicate that it had a great taste and was great for your body through the powerful emotion of love. Now you’ll even find that heart shape on their aprons. A brand is even the experience people have on your Facebook page and on your website, but that’s another story. With this game plan, Be Nourished was able to increase their turnover considerably. A brand is so much more than a logo and a name. And that’s how, in 2014 Be Nourished won the Westpac Business Award for Marketing. To learn more about what really matters when building a brand come to our workshop. Click here to find out more.

Unique business opportunity for a savvy Marketing/ Sales and PR person

One of our clients is on the lookout for business partner. Here’s their job advert:   We are a kiwi based, family-owned company offering a unique and exciting opportunity for the right person to have a percentage share in our business that will lead to dividends! Are you looking for an exciting business opportunity to get your teeth into? Are you excited about being successful? Are you driven, and a talented all-round Marketer, Sales and PR person that wants to bring your A-game to the table? We have developed and launched a one of a kind, kid friendly food product and we’ve already put it into the hands of over 50,000 kiwi kids, through leading supermarkets, health food stores and sports clubs. We now want to take it to the next level and to Australia and beyond. We want someone to join our team who has the marketing and PR expertise that we need and who is prepared to invest that for a share of the business. We are fully self-funded so there is no requirement to ‘buy into’ the business… We need your expertise! This is the perfect opportunity for either a Mum who is looking to get back into business or for a motivated self-starter who doesn’t want to work for ‘the man’… Someone who is looking to build a future that they can own and who is excited by sharing in the success and rewards. Come and join us and be part of an exciting, motivated business that has the opportunity to be huge both locally and internationally in the children’s health and food industry. We are open to being flexible, so we’re happy to consider part-time or a full time role. For more information, please send your CV with a covering letter, explaining why you’d be awesome for this role to our business coach,

What competing in a half marathon reminded me about achieving success

How to achieve success in business coaching and half marathons

How to achieve success in business coaching and half marathons

I have just completed a half marathon – yay! I never thought I’d be able to do it and to be fair there was a lot more ‘fast walking’ than running, so I’ve still got a way to go to achieve my original goal, but today has been one big step towards it.

Throughout the 21.097km, you have a lot of time to think and I started thinking about how I got there and what it had taken to get me there…. And it struck me that there were a lot of synergies between this and achieving business success.

It started with a vision, I set some goals and then I’ve been executing some strategies and tactics to get there. There’s also been some other things along the way that ensured that I could achieve my goals and I thought it was worthwhile sharing, hoping to inspire others to think big and go for it.

So, what have I done so far and how can this be applied to achieving business success?

There appears to be 8 key steps:

  1. Have a clear vision
  2. Set a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
  3. Break this down into smaller, more manageable goals
  4. Set strategies and tactics to achieve these goals
  5. Find yourself a coach or mentor
  6. Surround yourself with people who support you
  7. Execute on the plan
  8. Celebrate Success!

 1. Be clear about your vision

It all started at the beginning of the year. After a relationship breakup last year, I started to think about my life and what I wanted from it. I realised that from a fitness point of view, I wanted to get back to being truly fit & healthy. There were many other things I wanted, and maybe in another article I’ll share them, but for today I want to take you on my fitness journey thus far.

My vision was to get back to a level of fitness where I felt truly good about myself. For me that means regularly playing sport and being able to undertake any sporting challenge that I want to, knowing that I’ll have no fear and I’ll be able to do it. For those of you that know me personally, you will know that I am currently not really ‘built’ for sport but in my younger days I used to be an avid tennis player, runner & skier, who could turn her hand to any sport… And that’s what I aspire to again.

With that clear vision in mind, I started thinking about what I needed to do and what success looked like.

Without a clear vision, how do you know where you are going and what success looks like? The same can be applied to any business and yet so many businesses don’t take the time to articulate their vision.

2. Set a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

The 7 habits of highly effective people states that you should start with the end in mind.

On this basis, there’s no point in setting a goal that is easily achieved…. Look further ahead and decide what your ultimate goal is.

Then don’t be afraid to write this down and commit to it. It’s very rare that goals that are written down don’t get achieved… no matter how big or small. However you get a lot bigger sense of satisfaction when that achieved goal is a big, hairy audacious one 🙂

In my case, it was to be able to run a half marathon by the end of the year, or sooner. I’m not there yet, but I’ve signed up for another one in August and by the end of the year I expect to be able to do it.

3. Break this down into smaller, more manageable goals

That said, BHAGs can be completely overwhelming, so make sure that you break these down in to smaller, more achievable goals.

I decided that being able to just complete a half marathon by April 2015 would be my first goal.

The next goal after that is to be able to complete a 5km run by the end of May 2015 and then it’s a 10km run by end of July.

In business, things may not happen quite as quickly, so it’s important to be realistic about what can be achieved in the time frames you pick. In general when I plan myself, or when I work as a business coach, we look at quarterly goals that lead to the annual goals that lead to the 5 year goals.

What is important is that you are clear about what success looks like, you write it down and you commit to it. Then you need to measure yourself against these goals, adjusting whatever is needed to achieve them.

4. Set strategies and tactics to achieve these goals

The next step is to set strategies to achieve these goals.

In simple terms, a strategy is the “what “ you need to do and the tactics and the “How”.

The “What?” is “What are we trying to accomplish?”

The “How?” is “How are we going to accomplish our goal?” and then who is going to do it and when.

So, if we use my running example, I wanted to be able to run a half marathon by the end of the year.

How I would do that were the tactics… And in the beginning it was to go for a walk / run at least 3-4 times a week until I was easily able to do 5-6km, four days in a row.

By the time Easter weekend came around, I had managed to do 5 days in a row of 5kms and I knew I was ready to take on the half marathon.

My next tactic is to run 4-5 mornings a week, increasing the amount of time that I run until I can easily run 5km…. And then I’ll increase to 10km and finally the half marathon.

With a business, the strategies and tactics are crucial to achieving your goals, so make sure you have thought these through and again have them written down.

5. Find yourself a coach or mentor

I don’t know about you, but I achieve more when I have a coach or a mentor.

I find that I need someone to keep me on track. Someone who can hold me accountable and also someone who really understands what is going on – the good and the bad.

That someone needs to be someone I can pick up the phone and talk to when I’m having a bad day, when I need some inspiration or when I have crazy ideas and need a sounding board.

A coach or a mentor provide you with a sanity check or sounding board, they help you realise the real opportunities and then they hold you accountable for executing your plan and achieving success.

In my case, I have a special friend that I can call on to give me inspiration and get me back on track. She also stepped in when my original half marathon partner pulled out…. That’s the sort or person you need for your personal life and for your business!

6. Surround yourself with people who support you

This sounds really obvious, but sometimes we don’t notice that some people are not the right people to have around you if you want to achieve success.

Not everyone will be supportive of what you are trying to achieve. They might appear to be so, but over time you realise that they are not fully supportive, in fact subconsciously they might even be sabotaging your efforts.

I still haven’t quite worked out why people do this, but I think it possibly comes down to their own insecurities? It’s probably not something I’m going to be able to solve though nor do you need to.

The reality is that you don’t need these people around you. You need to be surrounded by truly supportive people to achieve your full potential and this might mean getting rid of people in your life who don’t meet the criteria.

How do you know you have the right people around you?

Listen to the language they use. Watch how they react to you sharing your dreams and goals. See how they respond when you tell them of your successes and achievements, even the small ones. Those that are truly supportive will always use positive language, they’ll encourage you to strive for your dreams and goals and they’ll be truly thrilled when you achieve your successes.

Without the support of my amazing friends, I wouldn’t have got to where I am right now and they continue to inspire me to go further….That’s how I know I have surrounded myself with the right people.

7. Execute on the plan

The most important part of all of this is the ‘doing’. A great idea, a great plan and great strategies are nothing without execution.

For me, and the half marathon effort, I had to make sure that I had time put aside to train. Without training, there was no way I could ever have compete … And training takes time.

In a busy world it’s easy to prioritise other things but you have to think about everything you do and decide if it is taking you towards your end goal. If it’s not then get rid of it. Make time for the things that do take you forwards, both in the short term and the long term, block out your diary and commit to them.

The key is to make sure you have the time and the resources to commit to executing on the plan. Do this by freeing up your time through getting help and outsourcing non-key things. Think of the opportunity cost of doing things yourself that don’t take you closer towards your end goal.

Do everything you can to give yourself the best chance of success.

And always remember this…

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started…

It always gets you re-motivated!

8. Celebrate Success

It’s important to celebrate success…. Even the small successes are steps towards your greater goal…. So celebrate each and every one of them.

Share them with your support network and your friends and family.

Give yourself rewards for having achieved what you set out to do… Appropriate to the size of the goal.

For me, having completed the half marathon, I decided to treat myself to a couple of new running tops. They will remind me of what I achieved but also help me towards my next goal. I also went out with a friend to celebrate.

When I complete a half marathon running the entire way then I am going to take my support network out for dinner and I shall be treating myself to a week at a luxury retreat… Can’t wait!

PS: I don’t think I’ll be able to walk tomorrow, but it’s a small price to pay for the massive grin on my face right now… And that will keep getting me up and getting back into it 🙂

Debra Chantry | Business Coach


Written by Debra Chantry – Business Coach | Principal

Where did all the real Christmas Cards go?

New Zealand Herald - December 2014 - Where did all the real Christmas Cards go? Debra Chantry - Business Coach

New Zealand Herald - December 2014  - Where did all the real Christmas Cards go? Debra Chantry - Business Coach

As published in the New Zealand Herald December 25th 2014 –

Those who make an effort to send handwritten Christmas cards will always stand out from the deluge of e-cards, writes Debra Chantry.

“Where did all the real Christmas Cards go?”

I’m not talking about the mass printed, generic Christmas message cards where each staff member signs their name, but the ones with hand written, personal and meaningful messages.

With digital having such a huge emphasis these days, are we losing the human touch?

This year I got close to a couple of hundred electronic Christmas Cards – from everyone from my dentist to a lawyer I have never used, to a supplier that I stopped using years ago. Some even got my name spelled right.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Scrooge… I love Christmas! And I preach avidly about Digital Marketing and what it can do for a business, so it’s not that I don’t like email.

In reality, I liked that they took the time to wish me Season’s Greetings, however, I can honestly say that I can’t remember any of those cards or what they said, nor who the person or company was that sent them. They were gone with a swipe of the ‘delete’ button.

On the other hand, I have received three handwritten business Christmas cards and I can tell you exactly who they were from and how they made me feel.

That’s because they took the time to mention something that had happened this year, something we had done together or they were thanking me for something that I had done for them. I can still feel that grin when I think about them and they take pride of place on my desk and will do until the New Year.

People do business with people… We sometimes forget that.

A company can’t really wish you Season’s Greetings – it has to come from a person.

So how do we combine the power of Digital and the human nature and intense power of the offline world to get the best results?

One of My Icehouse clients has done this perfectly.

Wendyl Nissen and Daniel Ellison run an online store selling all natural cleaning products, beauty products, recipes and ingredients.

Just recently we ran a report to see who the top 20 customers were in the online store and Wendyl and Daniel took the time to write a handwritten note inside their latest recipe book and sent it out to them, along with a voucher and a discount code for them to buy more of the books from the online store for their friends and family.

The purpose was to thank the customers for being their top customers and to surprise and delight them. We don’t really mind if they use that coupon or not.

Put yourself in those customers shoes… How would you feel if a gift turned up unexpectedly in your mail with a hand written note from the owner of the store. I’m guessing you’d be over the moon and would want to tell other people about it?

That was the response that Wendyl and Daniel got. People were thrilled to pieces. They took the time to write and thank Wendyl and Daniel and even better, the sales of the book increased too, thanks to the online voucher.

It’s good old fashioned ‘surprise and delight’, which creates word of mouth in the offline and online environments and everyone is happy.

Now imagine if you could delve deeper into your customer relationship and find out something unique about that customer, and make that message even more personal (without pushing privacy boundaries) – maybe even choosing a personal gift based on something you know about them … I’m thinking that you could create an advocate for life. Someone who will happily talk about you and your business to people they know.

Now I know that you can’t do that with every one of your customers but that’s not what Wendyl and Daniel did. They picked the top 20 customers and went with that.

In an ideal world you’d pick the top 20% of your customers, who likely bring in 80% of your revenue and you would take all of your online knowledge about them and use it to communicate with them and choose a gift, as a person to another person, in the offline environment.

The other 80% you can send an electronic email to but do think about what’s in it for them and do at least try to get their name right 🙂

I hand wrote 36 cards this year to my top customers and suppliers. In every one I put a personal message, based on what I knew about them from our CRM (Customer Relationship Management Database), my relationship with them and the work that we had done together.

It took me four hours and I came out with blue fingers as I discovered my fountain pen was playing up. However, as I watched each person open them, the look on their face was worth every minute. And those that I didn’t see in person have taken the time to thank me. I’m thrilled and I hope they are too.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Debra Chantry is a business coach and Executive in Residence at The Icehouse, helping owner-manager and start-up businesses to take their business to the next level. She also runs her own business growth agency, Ventell, which helps people take their passion and turn it into excellence in business.

Helping Wendyl Nissen get through the ‘Poo’

Today Wendyl Nissen from Wendyl’s (one of our favourite clients) launched a new product… And I got to feature in her blog / newsletter…I think I’m ok with being the ‘Poo’ lady 🙂 Debra Chantry – Business Coach Read the full article, in situ here – I am so excited to announce the launch of our wonderful new product called Lou-Ease. It’s a little bottle of essential oils which you drop into the toilet bowl before going to the loo to get rid of odours. As we say on the bottle it “takes care of your business”. At first Daniel and I were a bit reluctant to create this product when our wonderful mentor Debra Chantry came up with the idea six months ago. We listened to her politely as she outlined the reasons why we should create it: 1) Women are apparently self-conscious about going to the toilet at the office or at a friend’s house and stinking it out. 2) Men aren’t self-conscious about it and women who live with them find the smell drives them mad! Daniel and I drove away from Debra’s office and agreed that we didn’t think Wendyl’s should have anything to do with poo. Then we laughed our heads off and forgot all about it. Debra brought it up again and again and each time we claimed we were too busy, too distracted, too anything we could think of to start experimenting. Then at our meeting last month Debra did something no one should ever do to me. She challenged me to create it before Christmas as it would make a great stocking filler for our customers and it was about time Wendyl’s had a bit of fun. “It’s a fun way to end the year. Just do it,” she said smiling sweetly. So I found myself that weekend getting out my essential oils and dabbling. Before I knew it I had blended together peppermint, eucalyptus and bergamot and the job was done – so to speak. Paul came up with the name after we considered other suggestions such as Poo-fume and Eau de Toilet. And he even created a little poem you can put in your toilet if you like: Please, please, If it’s not just wees, Make life a breeze, And use Loo-Ease! As you can see, we have been having quite a lot of fun and the best part is that it really does work. It comes in a small, discreet 5ml bottle so that it can happily live in a purse, be taken to the toilet in the palm of your hand, or left on top of the toilet cistern. And at just $25 it’s a great price for making life a breeze, or making someone laugh on Christmas morning. We’ve already had heaps of orders from friends and family who have all been very enthusiastic and Daniel (reluctantly) and I have had to come to terms with the fact that Wendyl’s does indeed have something to do with poo! And I’m very grateful that with a family business decisions can be made quickly and something which was just an idea last week is now on sale. Thanks to Daniel and Sam who worked hard to get the labels, bottles and ingredients ready in time. To buy now click here and join in the Christmas fun.